Whiteley Primary School


We have two library areas here at Whiteley Primary School; one for fiction books and the main library area which has non-fiction books and, our huge picture book collection.  We are lucky to have a great selection of books in the library, hopefully something to suit everyone! However, if there are books that the children would like to have in our library, there is a book request box in the main library area.

Children start to use the library when they join us in Reception. At this early stage the class come along together and the books are scanned out and stamped with a return date. As the children progress through the school they are able to scan out their own library books using the Junior Librarian System. Reception classes through to year 4 have a weekly, timetabled slot when they exchange books and learn library skills. The children in years 2 through to 6 have the opportunity to visit the library during lunchtime as well.


The library system that we use is web based and can be accessed from home via our school website. This enables you to search our catalogue, to see what new books we have in the library and what are the most popular books. It really is worth a look, as it does so much more than issue books.  You can access it by clicking on the “Junior Librarian” icon.

Library Lunch Timetable

There is a lunch time library slot for years 2 to 6, when the library is open for children to come in and swap their books over.

Monday – Year 3

Tuesday – Year 5

Wednesday – Year 6

Thursday – Year 2

Friday – Year 4

Reading Garden Rota 

The Reading Garden is also open at lunch time for a year group at a time; there are two baskets of books in there for the children to browse through.

Reading Garden for library page

Monday – Year 2

Tuesday – Year 3

Wednesday – Year 4

Thursday – Year 5

Friday – Year 6

Library Code of Conduct

This was drawn up by Library Monitors and a copy is in every classroom

  • We will take care of the books
  • We will put the books back where we found them
  • We will be sensible and quiet when we are in the library
  • We will return all of the books that we borrow

Damaged/Missing Books

Damaged books can usually be repaired, please do not worry!

Most of our books get returned, however, some vanish. If you find that our books get mixed up with yours at home, please just drop them back into the returns trolley, no questions will be asked!

Library Monitors

There is a team of library monitors who are responsible for returning and re-shelving books. As well as assisting younger pupils at lunchtimes.

First News

We subscribe to the weekly newspaper for children, First News. It is full of articles; reviews, competitions and is worth a read. We keep the school copy in the main library area, it is there for browsing not taking home though.

first news

Books for Keeps ENewsletter

Follow the link to the monthly ENewsletter for Books for Keeps – the Children’s Book Magazine Online


nikki yeoMrs Yeo is the Librarian, and is in the school every morning of the school week.













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