Whiteley Primary School

Advice on Ticks

July 2013

Dear Parents,

You will know from my earlier communication that this area of the country is particularly prone to ticks. I know that there have been concerns from a few parents about whether there is anything else the school could be doing to help prevent the risks associated with tick bites, and on Friday I was contacted by the Wessex Centre of Public Health to talk through the measures we have taken. They are happy that we are taking all appropriate steps to minimise the risk to children, but they have passed on the following links for us to send to parents to ensure that everyone has the correct information regarding ticks and the associated risks. The information includes details of preventing ticks, what to do if a person notices a tick attached to them or thinks they were bitten by a tick and subsequently feels unwell.

FAQs on Ticks and Tickborne infections.

“Ticks and your health” leaflet. 

NHS Choices web pages on Lyme disease. 


Lesley Pennington