Whiteley Primary School

MFL at Whiteley

MFL Curriculum Overview – French


What is MFL?

MFL (Modern Foreign Languages) are living languages that are still spoken around the world today. At Whiteley, pupils learn French from Year R to year 6. We also offer an opportunity to learn some Spanish and German in an extra-curricular club in year 6.


We aim to foster a love of languages and an understanding of cultures different to our own. We encourage children to be global thinkers and to be curious about learning new things.

In French lessons, pupils learn how to communicate in a different language; through speaking, role play, singing songs, writing, listening and reading. Literacy is at the heart of learning any language. Did you know that it can help us to better understand our own language?


The most important skill that pupils learn during their French lessons at Whiteley is that it is possible to learn a different language, and have fun in the process! Our children leave us fully prepared to start more formal language learning in secondary school. Even if they do not start with French in year 7, they have the skills and know-how to learn any language. Think of it as a key that can open any door!