Whiteley Primary School


Here at Whiteley Primary School our library area is in the centre of the school and is divided into a Fiction area and a Non Fiction area.

Children start to use the library when they join us in Reception. At this early stage they arrive with their class teacher and assistant and borrow one book that they have on loan for three weeks. As the children progress through the school they learn how to use the Reading Cloud Program to issue and return their own books. Reception classes through to Year 4 have a regular timetabled slot during which time they exchange their books and learn library skills.


Library Lunch time slots

The children from years 2 to 6 have the opportunity to visit the library during lunch time on a set day. This is shown on the board at lunch time.

Monday – Year 6

Tuesday – Year 5

Wednesday – Year 4

Thursday – Year 3



Library Code of Conduct

We will take care of the books

We will put back the books where we found them

We will be sensible and quiet when in the library

We will return all of the books that we borrow


Damaged/Missing Books

Damaged books can usually be repaired so please do not worry.

Most of our books get returned, however, some vanish. If you find that our books do get mixed up with your own then please juts drop them off at school, no questions will be asked!


Library Monitors

We have a team of monitors who help at break time and some lunch times too.


Useful links

Reading Cloud

This is the system we use as a management system

First News

We subscribe to First News and keep a copy in the school library

Love Reading For Kids