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Young Governors at Whiteley Primary School

About Young Governors

Any pupil from (Year 2 – Year 6) can put themselves forward to be their class representative. After preparing and presenting a speech the class then vote for who they would like to represent their class.

Pupils at Whiteley know that this is their school and their thoughts and ideas matter and so we have both a Class Council and the Young Governors.  These are in place so that pupils have a voice and are involved in decisions about the school that affect them.  Through Class Council all pupils can raise issues, share ideas and take part in discussions that involve all their classmates in reaching a democratic solution.  Wider issues that arise during Class Council are discussed further at Young Governors this ensures that as many pupil voices as possible are heard.

Please keep your eye on this page for updates on projects that we are involved in and decisions that we have made.

The classes have been voting this half term for their new Young Governors who will represent the views of their class in half-termly meetings with Mrs Gallagher.


Congratulations to these children who have earned this very important responsibility! We look forward to hearing all their great ideas.

Young Governors 2023-24 

Year 2: Tuula, Ruby and Alice
Year 3: Mia, Miguel and Harry
Year 4: Tommy, Jacob and Finlay
Year 5: Ellena, Darius and Nathan
Year 6: Abideen, William and Maisie
The Young Governors have had a busy time so far this term, representing the voice of their class and having several follow-up meetings to solve some of the issues raised. Look out for new adventure playground work getting started next term!
We also held a poster competition to remind children of the importance of playing safely. We had some fantastic entries, as I am sure you will agree!