Whiteley Primary School

Year 2

Emergency 3-day Home Learning Pack

Details of all tasks can be found in the folders on the top left hand side of this page. Select the relevant half term to access the current work.

  • For each day there will be specific English and maths activities. There may be a link to follow to a relevant learning website.
  • There will be an activity to complete – if your child has their home learning book at home then please use this to record the activities. If not, a piece of paper will do.
  • We would also encourage daily practice of reading and phonics/spelling. Don’t forget, you can access BugClub with your child.
  • For the foundation subject, please choose an activity from the suggested list – one for each day.
  • There is NO expectation to hand this ‘emergency’ work in.

Please also check our Year 2blog for information about our current learning: