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School Lunches and Healthy Snacks

Main Menu 2022

Jacket Potato Menu 2022

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Our school kitchen is run through HC3S (Hampshire Caterers – for more information, visit their website (www.hants.gov.uk/hc3s). They operate a 3 week menu, with 3 choices each day (meat, vegetarian, jacket potato). The menus can be viewed from the links above, and pupils select in the morning which of these options they would like to ensure that the correct number of portions are prepared. Pupils may choose to have a school lunch or bring their own packed lunch on a daily basis.

In 2012, the school’s Young Governors worked with HC3S to improve the school dinner experience for pupils, particularly our older children. This has resulted in HC3S providing a salad bar for all pupils which they can help themselves to.  There is also a second servery being provided for Y4/5/6 pupils which means that they are always served during the first part of the lunch hour, allowing more time to play, and also that they can eat their hot school lunches with their friends who have packed lunches. Fewer children being served at the main servery has also reduced the waiting time for the other KS2 pupils.


All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a meal, free of charge, under the UIFSM programme.

Registration is not required for children to have the free meals. But schools get government funding for all children who meet the standard free meal criteria. The funding is called the Pupil Premium. To let schools get the funding for as many pupils as possible, we encourage parents of children who meet the standard free meal criteria to register. This includes parents of children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

School meals for children in KS2 (Year 3 – Year 6) who aren’t entitled to UIFSM currently cost £2.50 a day. School meals should be paid for in advance through our on-line payment system (see Parents’ Information page) or dinner money should be sent in a clearly labelled envelope to the school office.


The government provides a piece of fruit for every child in reception classes and KS1. Pupils from YR – Y2 therefore do not need to bring in their own snack for morning break, but we encourage all pupils to bring a named water bottle which they can access in the classroom.

At Key Stage 2, pupils who wish to have a snack at morning break should bring a healthy snack e.g. fruit, vegetable sticks, cheese etc . Alternatively, pupils can buy a snack from our ‘Healthy Tuck Shop’. This is run by the Young Governors (with adult supervision). The snacks are provided by Hampshire Caterers. The tuck shop menu can be found in the list of PDF files at the top of this page.

KS2 pupils are also encouraged to bring a named water bottle to keep in the classroom.


Q:   Are children able to have second helpings?

A:   Due to government guidelines, the food provided in the kitchen has strict portion controls and therefore the kitchen is unable to offer seconds. The meals are designed to provide one third of children’s daily needs. However, pupils may help themselves to salad to go with their main meal and freshly baked bread is also available on the salad bar.

Q:   Are children made to eat everything on their plate?

A:   The children are encouraged to eat as much of their meal as they can manage, and to try some of everything on their plate. If children do not like the vegetables of the day, they can always have salad instead. We do not expect the children to eat everything, but midday staff will speak to the class teacher if they are concerned that children are not eating much of their lunch, so that this can be discussed with parents. Our midday staff are careful to watch for pupils who may be rushing their lunch in order to go out to play.

Q:   What order to year groups go into lunch?

A:   All Reception and Y1 pupils go in first for lunch. Y3/4 children go out to play and are then called in at approximately 12.20pm.  Y3 collect meals from the gym to take to the classrooms and Y4 collect meals from the Y6 Common Room to take to the classrooms.   Y2 pupils go straight after Y3. Y5/6 pupils have a separate servery and so take it in turns to be served first.

Q:   Do children always get their first choice of meal?

A:   We use a coloured band system to help ensure that whatever ‘colour’ meal choice the children order in the morning is available to them at lunchtime. Occasionally, due to circumstances outside of the kitchen’s control e.g. delivery error, an alternative lunch choice may be provided which is different from menu.

Q:   Who should I speak to regarding questions or concerns about school lunches?

A:   The kitchen manager starts work in the school kitchen at 8.15am each morning and is happy to chat to parents about the meals—please come to the school office and ask for him. He is also able to answer queries about special dietary requirements. Any questions regarding organisation of lunchtimes or supervision should be directed to the Headteacher.