Whiteley Primary School

Year R

Emergency 2-day Home Learning Pack

For the first 2 days of a class or year group bubble quarantine, we have put together a set of learning activities that you may like to use with your child whilst we prepare the next 2 weeks. Learning activities for the 2 days will cover a range of the areas of learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

What will the first two days look like?

In Reception, we follow a play-based curriculum with short focussed activities with an adult during the day. At home, we would therefore encourage you to have short focussed times with your child to focus on key skills but to allow plenty of time for play and exploration, allowing your child to follow their own interests. There is no need for a set timetable.

In a typical day in school, we would spend around 20 min on both English and Maths focussed activities with the whole class, and then allow children to practice skills in their own way, providing materials which encourage them to use their skills within their play. They would also have a range of opportunities to support their physical development, their personal and social development and their language development.

What activities should my child be completing?

Details of all suggested learning activities can be found in the folders on the top left hand side of this page. Select the relevant half term to access the current suggestions.

  • For each day, choose from the suggested activities. There may be a link to follow to a relevant learning website. Some of the materials will be directly for the children – there may also be videos which help you as a parent know how we teach aspects of the curriculum in school so that you can best support your child at home.
  • Many of the suggestions will be practical, but there may be written activities to complete – if your child has their home learning book at home then please use this to record the activities. If not, a piece of paper will do.
  • There is NO expectation to hand any ‘emergency 2 day’ work in.
  • We would encourage daily practice of reading, phonics and counting activities.

What will the remainder of the 2 weeks look like?

For the remainder of the 2 weeks, please look at the year group blog each day as we will be using this to post daily learning activities for the children (https://whiteleyyearr.blogspot.com).

You will need to make your own routine that fits for you and your child. Please avoid comparing yourself to other families. What your child needs will be different to other children. Equally, if your child takes a longer time to complete one activity, don’t feel that you still need to complete everything else. You might just choose several activities that will fit in with your timescale for the day.

If possible, please take pictures of your child’s learning and email them to us (reception@whiteleyapps.com) so we can give you regular feedback. We are also happy to answer any questions you have about your child’s learning.