Whiteley Primary School
Remote Learning – Information for Parents
Since 24th March 2022, schools no longer have a legal duty to provide remote learning for children self-isolating from Covid. However, we will continue to provide 3 day ’emergency plans’ for parents to access for their child if they are off school but well enough to work. These will be updated each half term. Please note that teachers will not be expected to provide any additional work beyond this, other than in very exceptional circumstances, as we would have done in the past (i.e. following an operation, where a child is unable to attend school but able to access learning).
Please select your child’s year group from the drop down menu at the top of the page and then select the relevant half term.
Please note, schools are not expected to provide remote learning in the following circumstances, although WPS parents are welcome to access the emergency plan for their child, if they wish:

  • where children are off school due to a family holiday
  • where parents opt to keep children off school to self-isolate, rather than through medical guidance
  • where children are off school due to illness.
In the unlikely event of a short term class or year group closure due to high levels of staff absence, remote learning would be provided. (Closures would only ever be utilised as a last resort if staffing levels were so low as to compromise the safety of children on site).