Whiteley Primary School

Year 5

Emergency 2-day Home Learning Pack

For the first 2 days of a class or year group bubble quarantine, we have put together a set of learning activities for your child to complete whilst we prepare the next 2 weeks. There is an English, maths and foundation subject planned for each day.

What will the first two days look like?

Please feel free to arrange the day as you wish, however a suggested order is below.

Daily Activities

TimesTables Rockstars (TTR)


Choose activities from HIAS subject pack


What work will my child be completing?

Details of all tasks can be found in the folders on the top left hand side of this page. Select the relevant half term to access the current work.

  • For each day there will be specific English and maths activities.
  • Your child may need to follow a link to a relevant learning website.
  • There will be an activity to complete – you may want to print the sheet for your child, or they can complete the work in their home learning book or on paper.
  • We would also encourage daily practice of reading, spellings and times tables.  They may use online resources such as Bug Club or Times Tables Rockstars.
  • For the foundation subject, your child will need to choose an activity from the suggested list – one activity for day 1 and one activity for day 2.
  • There is NO expectation to hand this ‘emergency 2 day’ work in.
  • If your child is unable to complete all the work provided, please prioritise the English and maths activities along with daily reading.

What will the remainder of the 2 weeks look like?

After the two day emergency plan, the children will be receiving work on Google classroom every week day.  Below is an outline of how long your child should be spending on each subject per day:

Subject Timings
Spellings 30mins
Reading 30-45mins
English 60mins
Maths 45-60mins
Daily activity (2 foundation subjects per day e.g. art and history) 45-60mins

Breaks/exercise e.g. Joe Wicks, Throwing/catching, Obstacle course, Jogging/running, Circuit training, Dancing, Ball skills, Mini-Olympics etc.

Plan in 15 minutes breaks throughout the day


Keeping a routine is really important and regular breaks will aid concentration. Please do what feels right for your child.

Remember to have fun!

What do I do if I have a question?

Everything you need should be on the school website. We will keep you updated with any new learning as the days pass.

If you need to talk to us then please contact us via the year group email: year5@whiteleyapps.com