Whiteley Primary School

Resources for Home-Learning


There are now a plethora of resources being made available free of charge to support families who are home learning with their children. Whilst our teachers are setting work for their own year group each day, we know that this might not be appropriate for all children in the year group. We have therefore pulled together some of the most useful resources that our teachers have found. Below are some general resources that cover the whole curriculum, or use the links at the side to find useful links for specific subjects.


General Resources for Home Learning


Oak National Academy has online lessons for every subject and every year group. Some subjects are better than others, but may be worth a look!



BBC Bitesize is available on line but also via the red button on the TV. It has daily content for English, Maths and the foundation subjects for all year groups delivered as short tv programmes. There are also online games and materials for pre-schoolers.



BBC Teach – another way into materials from the BBC which have been made for schools.



Twinkl – online resources for printing.



Classroom Secrets – online videos, games and free downloadable packs for children.