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Welcome to the Whiteley Governors

Welcome to the Whiteley Primary School Governor page. Below is some information about the role of the school governor and an opportunity to learn a little more about the people who volunteer to fulfil these roles. Within Whiteley this is done through 3 main groups. One is the full governing body which meets twice a term and covers many of the statutory elements of the governing body. We adopt a corporate governance model which means that no one governor is fully responsible for any element of the work of the group or school.

The curriculum group focuses on the learning aspects of school life; links with year groups and performance are essential to understand the effects of policy on the progress of the students. They also help with aspects like the parent / student questionnaire and feeding into school strategic planning.

The resources group looks at aspects of budgeting, premises, health and safety and general infrastructure which helps keep the school running.

If you have any questions on or for the governing body please contact the office who have a range of ways in which to get in touch.

The Governing body of a school is responsible under the education act 1986 for the following:

  • Take general responsibility for the conduct of the school
  • Share responsibility for the curriculum with the local authority and the Headteacher.
  • Participate in decisions about the school’s budget
  • Offer the Headteacher general principles to follow in determining a policy on discipline
  • Share in the selection of staff and, if necessary, their dismissal

The Governing body is made up of different ‘types’ of Governors.

These are:

  • Parent Governors, elected by parents of children at the School
  • Staff Governors (including the Headteacher)
  • LEA Governors nominated by the Local Authority
  • Co-opted Governors appointed on the basis of skills or experience

Meet our Governors


Profiles at end of this table

Category Appointed by Term of Office Committee Membership and Responsibilities Pecuniary Interests Declared
No of Years End Date

Neville Barretto

Parent Parents 4 17/10/2021 Vice Chair of Resources Committee None
Maggie Coombes

Maggie Coombes

Co-opted Governing Body 4 26/03/2017 Curriculum Committee

Link Governor – Year 2 and Safeguarding


Ian David

Co-opted Governing Body 4 20/09/2021 Chair of Resources Committee None
Louise Davis

Louise Davis

Clerk Governing Body  Clerk to the Governing Body
Simon Ede

Simon Ede

Co-opted Governing Body 4 26/11/2020 Chair of Curriculum Committee,
Pay & Performance Committee Chair of HT Performance Management, Link Governor – Year 5

Emma Edgerton

Co-opted Governing Body 4 11/0/2022 Curriculum Committee, Link Governor – Year 4 None

Lisa Ireland

Co-opted Governing Body 4 17/07//2022 Resources Committee, Link Governor – Young Governors None

Kelly Kent

Parent Parents 4 20/11/2022 Curriculum Committee None

Patrick Lahive

Co-opted Governing Body 4 11/09/2022 Curriculum Committee, Link Governor – Year 1 Staff

Rebecca Livings

Co-opted Governing Body 4 07/02/2021 Vice-Chair of Curriculum Committee, Link Governor – Year 6 None

Lesley Pennington

HT Governing Body Curriculum and Resources Committees APVideo Services – Husband records school

Ben Robertson

LA Local Authority 4 17/07/2022 Resources Committee None

Claire Salmon 

Co-opted Governing Body 4 17/07/2022 Curriculum Committee, SEN and Inclusion Govenore None
Donna Savage

Donna Savage

Staff Staff 4 07/11/2018 Curriculum Committee

Link Governor – Year R

Tom Southall

Tom Southall

Chair of Governors

Co-opted Governing Body 4 11/02/2022 Resources Committee,
Pay & Performance CommitteeLink Governor – Facilities
Wife employed at Cornerstone CE Primary
VACANCY Co-opted Governing Body 4
Co-opted Governing Body 4


Governor Attendance 2018/19

No. of Meetings Attended Out of a possible
Vivian Achwal Associate 0 13
Neville Baretto Parent 10 13
Maggie Coombes Co-opted 12 13
Ian David Parent 11 13
Simon Ede Co-opted 1 19
Emma Edgerton Co-opted 12 13
Alyson Gibbons Associate 0 13
Lisa Ireland Co-opted 9 13
Stuart Henderson 1 4
Roy Jennings Co-opted 10 13
Kelly Kent Parent 9 11
Patrick Lahive Co-opted 12 13
Lesley Pennington HT 19 19
Ben Robertson LA 13 13
Rebecca Rossiter Co-opted 11 13
Donna Savage Staff 12 13
Claire Salmon Co-opted 11 13
Tom Southall Co-opted 13 13
Alan Warr Co-opted 0 2


Governor Profile

Neville Barretto

I became a Parent Governor in 2017 after my son started in Reception Year. The outstanding reputation of Whiteley Primary School was a key factor in choosing this community for our family to live in when we moved here from just outside London three years ago. We really enjoy being part of the Whiteley community and living in such a unique place. Whiteley Primary School has been an excellent choice and great foundation for our son’s education. The excellent teaching and school environment has already surpassed our expectations.

I am so grateful to be able to give something back by working as part of the governing body of the school.  I really enjoy serving on the governing body and it balances well with my working life as a Change & Transformation Lead within a Large Financial Services organisation. When I’m not working, I spend most of my time with my family – mainly being personal chauffer to a very active five-year-old! I enjoy Rugby and play a little known sport called Korfball.

Maggie Coombes

My husband, Brian, and I moved to Whiteley a few years ago and I have been involved with the school as a volunteer helper since my grandchildren started school and as a Governor since 2013.

My background is in education and I have always been passionate about children’s learning. I was Deputy Head of an infant school in Southampton until my retirement and since then I helped to run a play centre at Southampton University Hospital which was staffed by volunteers. I’m involved now in a Baby and Toddler group in Locks Heath where I organise the craft work and also a group which caters for mainly young people on the autistic spectrum.

In the Governing Body, my roles at present comprise of Safeguarding Governor, Year 2 link Governor, Training and Development Governor and I sit on the Curriculum Committee. Whiteley Primary School gives its children a well rounded education that is fun and full of exciting opportunities. It’s a great school and I’m proud and delighted to be a part of it.

Ian David

I was elected as a Parent Governor in January 2016, and since that time have learned much about the functioning of the school and the key part that the Governors play in that.

I have lived in Whiteley since 1997 and am married to Ruth with two sons, Tom and Bradley who have both benefited from the amazing teaching at the school. We enjoy being outdoors as much as possible and you will often see us out taking our Airedale terrier out for long walks.

When not at work as the financial controller for a manufacturing company in West Sussex, I enjoy being with my family as much as possible. I have been involved with running our local scout group since 2010 and also try to find time to do a bit of dinghy sailing and keeping my classic car on the road.

Louise Davis

I am married and have 3 children, 2 who currently attend Whiteley Primary School.  I have lived in Whiteley for 8 years and work at the link secondary school The Henry Cort Community College as Communications and Press Officer.

I was a co-opted Governor from April –December 2015 and have brought my experience with websites and communications to help and support the school and governing body.  I am now Clerk to the Governors and support the Governing Body preparing agendas and taking minutes.

Simon Ede

It’s hard to believe but I’ve been a governor since 2007 when my daughter was in Year 1. She’s now been at Henry Court for a few years already and Kieran leaves Whiteley this year.  I became a governor originally to support the school and the community of Whiteley and to have the opportunity to gain an insight into the running of a school and the issues it faces.  I can honestly say that working with the school on a regular basis makes you realise how hard the staff work behind the scene to make Whiiteley Primary School the success it is.  One of the most enjoyable elements of being a governor is having the opportunity to listen to the children talk about their lives as Whiteley Pupils and how we can improve as a school.  One of the most interesting questions we ask is what they would change if they were Mrs Pennington for a day…….you can guess the responses.

Emma Edgerton

I have lived in Whiteley since 2004 with my husband. We have two children, one of whom currently goes to Whiteley primary school. I’ve been a secondary school teacher since 2000 and have always been interested in having a governor role within a school. In September 2018 I was given the opportunity to join the team at Whiteley. This is my first governor role and I hope that my years of secondary education will help support the development of the school.

Lisa Ireland

I have lived in Whiteley since 2013, and now live here with my husband and little boy who attends Whiteley Primary school. Growing up in Whiteley I have seen the school grow and deliver some fantastic achievements. I am passionate about the local area and the potential of the parents and children who live here, I use my business and leadership skills in my role as a governor to maximise that potential. For a day job, I am a Branch Manager for Waitrose, running my own business unit and managing complex teams gives me a unique skill set which I can use to add value in my role as a governor.

Kelly Kent

My husband and I moved to Whiteley in 2010, and since then have had two children. We have seen first-hand the high quality teaching and learning our son has received at Whiteley Primary School, and as a governor I wanted to seize the opportunity to give something back. I am a local secondary school teacher, and over my career of twenty years have worked in three schools across two Local Authorities. With my daughter yet to start primary school I have both a professional and personal interest in the continuous development of educational provision in the are to ensure the young people of Whiteley have the best opportunities.

When not working or spending time with the family, I can be seen running the streets and woods of Whiteley, and I am a big theatre fan.  I was appointed as a Parent Governor at the end of the Autumn Term 2018.

Patrick Lahive

I joined Whiteley as a teacher in September 2018. Before I came here, I was a governor at a different school where I learnt just how valuable and incredibly interesting the role of a governor is. I am proud to be a governor here at Whiteley and to be able to help our school in any way I can.

Rebecca Livings

A few years ago, after having my first child, I made the decision to put myself forward to become a Governor at Whiteley Primary School to hopefully give a little back to the community myself and my family love so much. My background is in education, so I felt that my skill set could help support the local school that I have been passing nearly every day for the many years we have lived in ‘the village’.

So here I am! And, when I’m not working, I can be found (as many of us can be) juggling swimming lessons, dance lessons, soft play etc. Mainly being Mummy.

Lesley Pennington

I became a staff governor at Whiteley many years ago, as I wanted to have a better insight into how the school was run. Since my appointment as Deputy Headteacher in 2003, and subsequent appointment as Headteacher in 2011, I have come to greatly value the contribution of governors to our school and I realise how fortunate we are to have such active governors at Whiteley Primary School who are well-equipped to support and challenge the staff in their strategic role.  My daughter, Emily, was born in 2008 and she helps me to keep a work-life balance – especially as I am starting to realise that I am no longer just a mum to her, but also her taxi driver! When I do get some spare time, I like nothing better than to indulge my love for singing, although I have also discovered a ‘tolerance’ of running and enjoy an occasional park run to prove to myself that I can manage 5K.

Ben Robertson

Our family of three moved to Whiteley from Southampton in 2016, and have since expanded to four. I became a Governor by responding to a request from our local Councillor on Facebook, looking for someone with IT knowledge to join the team. I’ve worked in IT since the early 2000s for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (based overseas), the NHS, Southampton City Council and private companies across Hampshire. As the LA-appointed Governor I work closely with the school to ensure the IT budget is spent effectively. I look forward to learning more about the resources side of Governance and completing training to be able to help with matters other than IT in the future.

Donna Savage

I  work as a Teaching Assistant in KS2 and the staff governor representative. After my two children passed through the school the opportunity arose for me to take on the this role. This enabled me to learn more about how the school is run and to support the school and the community of Whiteley in its future development.

Claire Salmon

I was really keen to join the governing body in 2017. I have always had a passion for education and life long learning so following the completion of my Science degree with the Open University, I had time and enthusiasm to dedicate to the role.

Having previously worked in a primary school, I had an understanding of the commitment required and felt this would be a great opportunity to utilise some of my more professional skills alongside my current day job as a mum before possibly pursuing a career in teaching in the future.

It has been great to be more involved with our excellent local school and I now have a better understanding of how the school operates and how it encourages all pupils to achieve their very best. My daughter is thriving at the school and hopefully my son will start later this year.

Tom Southall

I have been living with my wife and our three wonderful boys in the Whiteley community since 2006. When I’m not working, playing with the boys, or doing DIY I enjoy running and cycling, and can often be found running the trails of Whiteley woods. Living in such a fantastic community I quickly felt that I would like to give a little back, and with all three of my boys attending Whiteley Primary becoming a Governor seemed a great way to contribute towards shaping the future for not only my own children but all the children in the local area. So here I am! I have been a Governor since 2014 and it is a role I have found to be hugely enjoyable and very rewarding.