Whiteley Primary School


With the introduction of a new National Curriculum, Whiteley Primary School has taken the opportunity to create an engaging, challenging and stimulating curriculum which caters for all of the children. It is underpinned by our School’s vision and has the Whiteley Learner Values at its heart.


New National Curriculum Fact Sheet 1 September 2015

New National Curriculum Fact Sheet 2 November 2015

New National Curriculum Fact Sheet 3 December 2015

New National Curriculum Fact Sheet 4 January 2016


Use the links below and on the left to access overviews of the curriculum for all the National Curriculum subjects and Religious education at Whiteley Primary school, broken down by year groups. The New Curriculum encourages teachers to create a relevant curriculum for the children in each year group meaning that how teachers cover the objectives may change each year depending on the needs and interests of the children.


Art Overview Nov 2014

DT Overview Nov 2014

Geography Overview Feb 2015

History Overview Nov 2014

ICT Overview Autumn 2014

MFL Overview July 2015

Music Overview

PE Overview Nov 2014

PSHE Overview Nov 2014

RE Overview Nov 2014











For information about the Schools legal requirement concerning religious education (RE) and daily collective worship see the links to the left of this page.