Whiteley Primary School

Armed forces day 26th June 2021



British Armed Forces Benefits include:

· Armed Forces Childcare Voucher Scheme – Childcare vouchers are a government initiative designed to help working parents pay for childcare. It enables serving parents to convert part of their salary into vouchers before tax and NI contributions are taken.


· Defence Discount Service – Fully approved discounts are available to service personnel and their partners, who can join as members for free and take advantage of a discount card, at a minimal charge.


· Tickets for Troops – This service also provides discounts and, occasionally, free tickets to service personnel for a selection of events across the UK.


· Railcards – These are offered as an allowance to service personnel and are available from Unit Administration Offices for servicemen and women’s partners and children.


· Sports and Education – If they’re living close to a Unit, partners of service personnel can take advantage of its facilities.


· Service Families Accommodation (SFA) – Service personnel who are married, in a civil partnership or are a single parent can benefit from SFA. Located close to the workplace, it’s allocated based on family size for ratings and rank for officers.


· Contact Housing – A particular type of SFA, offered as affordable accommodation for visiting family members and prioritised for people needing welfare support.


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